Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Funny chat I had

I'm currently apart from my partner. We've been long distance for something like two years, and finally got to move in together a few months ago. I suppose he got spoiled, and I suppose it's my fault for being a spoiler. But that's how I love - showeringly. I will cook for you, I will cater to you, I will rub your back and your feet and that's just how it is.

Currently, however, I'm staying with my father to work through grad school apps, GRE prep, statement of purpose, writing sample, etc etc etc... away from distractions. I caught my partner online last night, and he gave me this funny story:

i'm probably gonna burn the whole house down by accident

cooking snacks

i encountered the first no ginna problem today

i don't know where all the veggies are or what they look like at the grocery store

"i want plum tomatoes"

go to store

i see


14 different kinds

cue meticulous reading of all labels and looking at all things

label found

top or bottom rack?


buy anyway

time for cilantro finding

green leafy clusters of things

read all labels.

"this looks just like parsley and all the others"

buy anyway