Thursday, December 20, 2007

True Story

Once upon a time, a princess went into the enchanted forest. She met many amazing creatures there. There was a bear who told funny jokes and a fox who could cook and build houses. There was a lion who laughed and loved cheese, a turtle who listened to music all day long, and a deer who could solve puzzles and riddles. The animals shared their homes with her and she was happy for some time.

Then one afternoon as the princess and all her friends were sitting around a small fire, another new princess came into the forest. The first girl knew her from a past life when they had been in love but afraid and she was still afraid. She wanted to hug her long lost friend, to embrace her and kiss her face but she was too shy.

The other animals took the new girl into their homes as well and little changed. One day the animals wandered off on an adventure and the two princesses were left together in a cave. The first girl turned to say something to her friend, but as she turned her head, her mouth landed upon her friends and in that instant they remembered everything.

They remembered names and places and times they had been and they flew over mountains and sang without words. Their fingertips touched and came together and in a blast of light the two princesses were one queen and then they were a star flying into the heavens where they perched and twinkled with such joy that people all over the world smiled without knowing why.

The animals came back to the cave and found all the walls and the ceiling and the floor scorched and covered with soot. They knew the girls had exploded into electric joy and they smiled and went on to tell stories about them.

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