Monday, July 20, 2009


Most of you know I've been working on putting together a new collection of poems for a little while now. It's finally printed. You know just as soon as I got done having people read it, peer edit, grammar/spell check and whatnot, I print fifty copies, go to a poetry reading, read one of the poems aloud and... find out I typed "hope" when I meant "home." It's fun for me. So now each of the little books has my own handwriting with a sharpie covering that P up with an M. Gives it character, personalization.

Some of you also know I lost a really wonderful friend lately. I was able to print these books way way on the cheap due to some benefits that come with being a university student again. I bought the paper, then went to school and copied my little heart out. Still have to figure out where/how to staple or bind however. But they're ready to be read at any rate.

So if you want a copy, shoot me a message with a way to contact you. Since I was able to print for so cheap, and since it's technically two little books that are companions together, you can get both for $5, or whatever you want to donate. The wonderful friend of mine who passed was only twenty years old, and her mother is now SURPRISE saddled with something like six grand in costs to bury her only child. No one can be prepared for that. I'm giving all the funds my book raises to this poor woman.

Read some fun poetry, help a beautiful kind woman through a tough time.



ruben said...

a year later.... have any books left?

Ginna FunkWallace said...

Even More Later... yes! And putting together a manuscript this year to submit to journals and publishing companies next year!