Friday, April 1, 2011

April again already?

In that case, hello first messy rough draft of the 30/30:

you carry the first time you were with him
with you always, tied around your left
index finger because you use it less. this way
it's more of a surprise. on the off times you gesture
with your left hand, offhandedly, as they say,
you catch that tiny, perfect bow with your gaze and you smile
which makes you think of his smile, each perfect tooth
and you give them names, name them after your dates:
right maxillary cuspid becomes the time he tried to put his arm
around you in the movie theater when you still hadn't slept
together yet but you're much too tall for him anyway so you both
laughed at how foolish he looked. left mandibular lateral becomes
the time he cracked that awkward joke at the shooting range
which he maintains was smooth while you declare anything but.
but you're still stuck on that smile, how each sweet lens of his eye
looks like a porcelain spoon and you can't wait to taste its soup.

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love the opening, well done.

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