Sunday, May 1, 2011

day 31 no pome, update

So I spent a good 48 hours without electricity, due to them storms y'all heard about tearin' up the south.

Then I spent a good 48 or more too busy and too depressed to write.

I've been at Dad's a couple days now, where I can get on his computer to get on the internet, but I can't log mine on b/c he's even more stoneage than I am, and I prefer to do my posting from my own laptop.

I got one good sad poem in mind, one essay I'm going to let count as a day of writing, and then?

I intend to finish out the thirty, even though I'll be behind. It was a good run this year. In 08 and 09 I did it with no problems. Last year I quit halfway through the month, so this year, I'd like to finish, even if I'm late.

Much love to errbody,
G Funk Dub

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