Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rory Names the Spanish Colors.

Oh, I know this one. Rogue? Rouge. No, Ro--
ro. Rogo. Rojo. I know that one. Gr...
No, bear. Day. Verde. Oh, me! Don't
tell me. That one's azul. Negro. Blanco. A--
Ahm. Am-ee-yo. Ah-ree-yo. Ama. Amarillo.
Can I have the candy now? I can count to ten next.
Oh, that's the hard one. That's. Ah. Ahna.
Ah-rah-do. DON'T TELL ME. I can do it.
Ahna-rah-do. Anaranjado.

And with that, she climbed into my lap
for a hug.

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