Sunday, April 26, 2015

26/30: Two Bad Ants

for Dan

I've just found
one ant
in my sugar bowl.
Not moving.
What a beautiful death.
I stir neighboring granules
into my coffee. Her friends
will say of her, She died doing
what she loved.

I drink my coffee.
Outside the strong sun
is bragging.
A full orchestra of flora
casts cooling shade all over
a slender highway
dancing up a mountain.

I go outside.
I crank my motorbike.
I do not put on my helmet.
I punch
the gas.

1 comment:

Taidgh Lynch said...

Wonderful imagery! I like: 'strong sun is bragging' and 'a slender highway dancing up a mountain'

nice bit of movement too even though the poor ant isn't. Nice bit of contrast. Cheers.