Monday, April 12, 2010

day 12

Messages I would have left for my Muse yesterday if s/he had a phone:
Hey there. I don't know if you're busy or whatever but I
just wanted to call and remind you that we're supposed to
get together today, you know, so I can write that poem.
I mean, I'm sure you remember, so I guess I'm just calling
to see what was keeping you and find out when maybe you
might want to get together. Okay, let me know, thanks.
Hey baby. Me again. Maybe you just forgot to bring your
phone with you today. No worries, I'm sure I'll see you
soon. I love you. Bye.
Okay, ah, it's getting late. Baby we really need to get
Goddamnit this is ridiculous. I thought we had something.
Baby I need you to grind me like thick bass lines I need
you to sweeten my mouth all sticky like taffy I need you
to come over here right now right this minute and give me
all of your fingernails in my shoulderblades, to
pierce me a hundred thousand times. Just tell me what
to do.
Because the dishes have piled up again and even though
the house smells no one's taken out the trash and my dog
is starting to wonder what he's done wrong that we aren't
walking every day I know I have work to do but none
of that matters when your smell fades from my pillow when
your shoes are never by the door my own fingernails
just don't feel like yours I am freezing each night.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what happened but I guess
this means you aren't
coming over. I've made
do. Brewed tea, tried
to write but when I couldn't,
forgave myself,
I hope you're alright.
I hope we talk soon.
Can you maybe just forget
all of those other messages?

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