Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day 6 of 30: Running In Water

With apologies for quality...


to have a mile-long grocery list,
but an empty checking account.
to have a clock but no desire
to keep track of the construct called time.
to have friends over for dinner
but sleep alone. to wake alone.
to have a dog who loves you but
no motivation to throw the ball.
to not want to do anything, in fact,
to not want anything.

One day at the university pool,
I witnessed a girl in a lane
standing upright, making her way
across. I asked what she was doing,
and she replied "running,"
because she was a runner, and
an injury had slowed her down.
Her doctor had told her to run
back and forth across the pool.
She said the extra resistance
made her stronger.

it only makes me tired.

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