Tuesday, April 13, 2010

day 13 of 30: the gospel

The Gospel of Virginia Dare Swepston Wallace

Sit up straight. Alignment can be justification,
the reason for the cause. Challenge provocation
with the subject of your spine; then even
the release can be a statement.

Cross your legs, keep them together from top
to toe, every inch, more. Transcend your angles,
exceed corners. This is the price of our
promises. This obligation the cost of commitment.
Surely you mean to fetch a husband one day.

Say please, and thank you. This is your wealth,
your asset, your advantage.

Set the table like this, cook the pie
like this, sew a stitch like this, show
your love like this and they will love
your show. And remember, now, if you forget
everything else that above all,
you're a young lady and ladies
are never to be kept waiting.

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