Monday, April 1, 2013

1/30: Telling jokes with the moon

If you want to tell jokes to the moon, you must
abandon all your old tricks.  She's heard them.  Knows
the one-two-jab, the dance and punch, knows
them all.  You'll have to be clever, but not quick;
the moon does not like sudden.  Her changes
come on slow and heavy.  She is an expert
on fear and patience.  Tell her a joke
that is mostly sad.  Start with sorrow
before you move in for the laugh.  Finish
with something sparkling and she'll love you
forever, call you her favorite, promise never
to turn her face from you, and her laughter
will ripple like the waves she's always moving
and she will never let you drown.


Tonya Wiley said...

Yay for PAD! I love poems about the moon.

Taidgh Lynch said...

I liked this poem a lot, the tempo and playfulness really made it worth the read. I can see that you are well able to write and your use of punctuation was great too. All the best with your month of poetry.