Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I see you two.

Somewhere out there I have two very dedicated readers.

I have been eyeballing my blog stats.  They're interesting.  For example, I'm huge in Russia.  Who knew?  They're reading me in Germany and Latvia and South Africa.  How does this even happen?  By accident, I'm sure, but apparently I was featured on some Russian site once because I get a lot of redirects from there.

Yes, the stats also show me where the people click over to my blog from, which is mostly facebook, and I assume that's from me posting individual entries over there from time to time.  I can also see which posts were read in the past day or week, and it's interesting to see what I imagine is people coming to read one post and then poking about and finding interesting titles and going back to read about my time in Taiwan or Mexico or some political ramblings.

But one thing I noticed is that whether or not I promote an individual entry, within a matter of hours of posting, I've always got two views.  Even on the ones I think no one will see.  Who are you kind, magical people who are willing to listen when I feel I have something to share?  You make me feel valued and worthy.  You make me feel like I'm enough.

Thank you.

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