Sunday, April 7, 2013

6/30: It's Okay.

It’s okay to eat nothing
but cookies, or boxed macaroni
and cheese; you’re grown now,
an adult, as they say, and now
you can stay up late, you can watch
all those films your mother said no to,
you can brush your teeth or not
brush your teeth, you can have dessert

You can take candy
from strangers, you can go home
with strangers, you can fuck strangers
until they are no longer strange.
You can confess
intimate details of your life
on the public transit
or on the stage, or on
the blank page.  You can cuss
to yourself, or in front of children,
you can still

dream about becoming an astronaut,
a mermaid, 
You can find sneaky ways to get
on top of buildings, you can stand on the roof
and scream at the clouds,
I am here, look at me,
you gods and devils;
I am arriving
all the time.

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