Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10 - a ku and a blog

the tire swing swings
out and across the lake, slow.
my ten toes, skating.

In 2006 I needed to write at the end of March. So I got thirty pieces of colored paper and put dates on them all for April and taped them up all over the apartment. I went around writing a poem on one every day, and it went so well I carried on through May with different colored papers and found my house a joy to inhabit. Then this year came around with spring making me feel all tickley inside again, and come to find out that April is actually national poetry month and sometimes people take a challenge to write every day. When I did it the last time, I was very forgiving. Two days I just posted quotes. One day I wrote an essay about my job's microcasm of the nationwide macrocasm of the migrant worker issue. One day I translated Neruda's Poema XV, which good god damn is a tasty piece. I'm definitely intending to write something every day this time, but maybe once or twice it will just be a haiku/senryu/short-observational-poem. Just so you know.

Love you guys. Holla back, I'm seeing tons of views and I have no idea who.


Fifth said...

this may be a silly question, but, how does one "see views?"

I often meet other people with blogs, and we talk about blogging, and sometimes they mention seeing stats or views, and I don't know what they're talking about so I just have to nod real hard and slow.

Ginna Funk Wallace said...

With Magic. Did you watch the shoe salesman vid ever, mister?

Fifth said...

I watched it at least twice. I might go watch it again right now. I am responding to your other message. These things take a lot of time.