Monday, April 7, 2008

NaPoWriMo - day 7: write about spring

Just a head’s-up: the poems you’ve read so far are being edited every day and it’s making me crazy... As a poet, I’ll write a draft one day, then spend the next seven or seventy or so re-writing and editing like a self-depricating nutjob... But suddenly there’s a new poem to edit every day... So if you liked one, or if you hated one, go back and check it every once in a while and see what’s different about it. That said:

write about
springtime and the green clover grass sprouting like wild exclamations write about
wisteria climbing everything in sight, dropping its blossoms and its sweet scent like seasonal calling cards
write about the love you wish you had each april.

write about
stunning suns setting later and later every evening write about
mornings making you put on long sleeves then afternoons that make you take them off
write about the need for someone’s arms around you tight.

write about
the promise of mimosas due to bloom in a month or so write about
the lake still ice cold but so high you can’t wait to swim in it again so you jump in anyway
write about the kisses no one is giving you.

write about
evenings spent on porches simply sitting write about
grilling out just because you can again and eating outside too and staying out even after you’re done
write about going to bed alone.

write about
spring is supposed to be about new beginnings i coulda swore write about
baby birds cheerfully singing you awake when all you want to do is shoot them in their loud mouths
write about the lovers that never did you right.

write about
summer will come scorching soon and burn it all down write about
swimming in a heat so fervent and sweltering it feels like just what the medicine man ordered
write about sweating it out, leaving it behind.

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