Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nat'l Poetry Month day 8: smoke signals

i can see how it might've been
hard to read my smoke signals.
i always got nervous when the time came for
ollie ollie oxenfree -
i'd much rather keep myself hidden
keep my love hidden and
if no one ever goes seeking
we'll both stay hidden forever until
someday someone will find our skeletons
in a forgotten closet
and write this epitaph:
Here Lies a Lonely Girl and the Love
she was Always Afraid to Share.
but tell me how do i spell out in smoke:
the time i have here could be
your time these kisses i have could be
your kisses if only you wanted them;
but you don't want them at all.
and all i've ever wanted is
exactly what i'll end up getting:
sitting here
in this closet
blowing smoke.

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