Saturday, April 12, 2008

4/12: still working doubles, still writing cruddy drafts.

I am become
a spider spinning webs
in which I trap mine enemies
and promptly suck them dry.
I am patient, I'm unkind,
waiting until just the right moment when
one of my strands is bound
to trip you up, one of my strands will bind
you up and hold you there.
Spider I will slip over and sing to you
while I spin you up in my silk.
Goodnight, sweet prince, tomorrow
you shall be my breakfast drink.

I am become
a snake coiled and waiting
full of venom, full of fangs.
I am clever, I am quiet,
knowing soon you'll trod heavily
upon my earth and when you do
all you'll feel is a sting
as the world blurs around you.
Serpent I will swallow you whole,
digest what I will and then
one week later deposit all of you
that is worth nothing
back onto this earth.

I am become death, I
shatter worlds with my breath.
I am not one to cross a line,
until it's been crossed and then
Reaper I shall rush behind you with a knife
and settle it quickly. Know this:
I never wanted it to be this way.

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