Sunday, April 13, 2014

14/40: prompt - write about something you are/n't good at

Please forgive me.  I slept all day then cleaned house all night and now it's 6am and the sun is up and I feel delirious.

Faking confidence is largely in the smile.
Smile like you’re selling it, like your asking price
is twelve million point five, like you just
got your teeth cleaned.  Smile
like you got those vibrating panties on,
like you got dinner home waiting, and a
naked lover for dessert.  Then the walk.
Somewhere between march
and swagger, less saunter more slide.  Walk
like you own the place, like the VIP list
has one name: your own, in all capital letters.
Walk like you just stole home, picking pockets
the whole way.  Last the voice.  Articulate
but not elitist with a volume they’ll hear
without pissing them off.  Be sure to practice
at home, in front of the mirror,
have some friends over and see
if it sticks.  Once you’ve mastered the art
you can go out and conquer and come home
and climb in the bath and peel it all off
and curl up with Earl Grey and sleep.

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