Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/30, prompt from Megan Falley

Write about the past in the present (simple, continuous) and then chop and screw the sentences.

We are holding hands in a cup of hazelnut milk tea.
I smoke your profile as the sun sets.
We are drinking the dead coral.
The sand is changing what I thought I knew.
I suck rocks on the balcony while you watch.
The waves are crashing against us in the bedroom.
I am climbing on your skin like seaweed
You are unzipping my soft belly.
My skin is your new jacket.
Your hands are invading everything.
The wind is gripping us like a hungry snake.
Your eyes are shaking the trees around us..
I marvel at the taste of your ocean.
Your lips are cradling me in the dark.
My legs unravel when you touch me.
The music is threatening to knock us down with every step,
but we are exactly everywhere we should be.
Your sea is foaming at my belly.
We are naming the stars and then dancing among them.

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