Monday, April 21, 2014

21/30: Whoops?

The prompt was to give a gift to someone you dislike, to kill them with kindness.  I think I failed?


For him, a bouquet.  A parade,
an award.  Rows and rows of medals.
For him, the winning ticket
to the lottery. An all expense paid
vacation.  A new suit, a new ride,
a new house, a smile as wide
as a dozen dozen Niles.

For him, a bouquet
of bees that know exactly
where to sting.  Then parade him
through the streets, a sign hung
round his neck like an award,
“I Fuck Women Without Their Consent.”
A one way ticket
the hell out of town, off this planet,
shoot him into space, one way,
what a lovely vacation, eyes plucked out
so he can’t enjoy the view.  For him,
a freshly-fitted iron maiden, dressed
to the nines, with a pair of concrete
shoes.  A prison van to deliver him
to his own personal Alcatraz
where he’ll never be admitted.  Because I’ll
be waiting
at the gate
with a knife
to carve
in the soft flesh
of his neck
a smile as wide

as a dozen dozen Niles.


Taidgh Lynch said...

I like this poem a lot. You definitely killed him. I like how you started it off and then you add detail as to the bouquet and the award... Quite clever as it kind of lulls the reader into thinking, "Oh, this is a nice little poem about kindness." Wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Well done!

emilystrange said...

Thank you for sharing this! You inspired me.