Thursday, April 17, 2014

17/30: things are starting to get weird... need more prompts and more TIME in my days to write.

The month before she left she began
eating walnuts, cashews, almonds,
hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, then
garbanzos, barley, sunflower seeds, pepitas,
chia, flax, buckwheat, and lotus;
anything that would sprout.  She spent
her nights standing out in the desert
with her mouth wide open, begging the moon
to kick-start some tide.  The night the rains came
she gave birth
to an exodus
and rode away on a river of vines.
It was Mother's Day and she was giving birth
to herself.

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Renee Dillon said...

I just -- finally! -- got caught up on your work from the beginning of April. Still processing, of course, but first instinct is making me come back to this one the most. LOVE THIS ONE. Weird totally does it for me.